Prayer for a Troubled Marriage Due To Infidelity

by Felicia

Please help me in praying for the renewing of my marriage. Last week I found out that my husband of 12 years had been having an affair for 1 year and a half. The crushed my soul however I found plenty of strength in the Lord. I am also glad to say although due to the situation my Husband has decided to give his life to God and start going to church. I have always been a praying wife and had a spiritual relationship and have prayed to see the day that my husband give his life to God.


If I had to do it all again and go through the pain just to witness the day to hear him say "I've got to start giving God my time, maybe if I were not in the streets and more closer to God this would not of happened."
I am quite sure the roads won't always be easy but I know with God he will make us both strong!

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