Prayer for an immediate financial need.

by sw



You are the King of Kings and the LORD of Lords. I make supplication and pray for an immediate overflow of your grace over my finances. LORD, this is the most difficult time I've ever experienced in my 39 years.

I repent of my many sins, I ask for forgiveness in all things that I have done that have contributed to my current financial state. LORD, I have been reduced to staying in a cheap hotel versus a beatiful big home I possessed last week. I have been reduced to having no office for my business and borrowing money from my younger brother which is extremely heartbreaking and humbling.

My LORD, I pray and ask for immediate restoration and deliverance. Though I am weary, I know that you are sitting high and looking low. I know you keep your ears to my lips JESUS. I know that it is your plan to prosper me and all of your children that truly love you and strive to keep your commandments.

LORD, as I endure this painful and embarrassing time, I keep my mind stayed on you and vow to keep my covenant with you. I promise once I am restored to go before all nations and testify of your love and goodness and give YOU all the honor, praise and glory JESUS.

YOU are not a man that you should lie. Psalm 112 says "Wealth and riches are in my house." and LORD I confess your word and I believe it as I meditate on it day and night. My LORD, cleanse me of all the things that are not of your spirit.

LORD, use me for your glory and to be a beacon of your light. Showcase me as a testiment to your power and love. GOD, I thank YOU for my Mother whom is healthy and a servant of YOUR kingdom. I thank YOU for my brother whom also is healthy and a servant of YOUR kingdom.

As I pray for my financial restoration, I simply thank you LORD for your hand upon my life and your hedge of protection and my health. I shall sow greatly into the good soil of YOUR kingdom here on Earth O'GOD. In the mighty name of my Jehovah Jireh, JESUS CHRIST, I declare divine restoration, peace and prosperity now! Amen.

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