prayer for anciliary relief

by pauline

I am being cheated out of my divorce settlement as my husband lies that he is destitute. The legal process is bankrupting me as I try to prove that he has hidden the wealth we acquired in 28 years of marriage when I foolishly believed in him that he was building a life for us.


Instead he continually cheated on me, lied and abused me. I am barely sleeping as I contemplate my future but I place my faith in the Lord and ask St Jude to pray for me.

I pray for my husband as he goes for surgery for cancer. I would like him to know that though I can't remain his wife I do care as he is the father to my beautiful girls.

I need prayers for my mother, father-in-law and my father and for all who love me and who I love who are in despair tonight.

St Jude intercede for us.

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