Prayer for better days

Dear god I pray that you please help me to think more positive thoughts. I feel lost all the time and that brings me down.The anxiety I get overwhelms me. i feel so stupid when I get all anxious and cant control it.I want to have the energy , confidence, the peace in my heart. I want to feel good about myself and know that finally something is right in my life. Thank you God I love you . Amen please take care of my family as well. I love them all very much.

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Sep 11, 2016
by: Jasmine Thomas

Dear God, Please watch over me , my family and loved ones. I just want to say thank you for protecting me while i was in my car driving. Thank you god for not letting my car be done and stop working anymore . The damage is not bad but i thank you for not letting it be worse . Please watch over me and my family and loved ones no matter where we go . In the lords name i pray amen....

Jul 22, 2016
by: Chelsea

Dear god, please bless me to find direction and guidance in life. I feel as though my life is falling apart and I have no where to turn. I feel so alone and hopeless. I just pray that you guide me in the right direction and provide me the strength to have beautiful future.

Jan 15, 2016
Lost child
by: Anonymous

Dear God i come to you in my time of broken heartedness and confusion. God im praying for strength and guidance through all of this. I come to you and ask you please God bring my daughter home im so lost and hurt without my bundle of job. We all miss her some fierce. Watch over us God and cover us in your blood.. Thank you God for all youve done and doing and going to do... Amen

Jan 01, 2014
praying for positivity
by: kaylyn

Dear God, Jesus, Mary and all my loved ones who are in God's hands,
I just want to go into.this New Year with your strength. I pray for all those in my life who desire stregth, to receive the strength to overcome obsticals that seem impossible. I pray forthe love of my life to redeem good health in the New Year.

I pray for the strength to get past the negativity and negative things that cause them pain. I pray for my ffamily, friends, coworkers and all thosegoing through hard times to find the light that you provide. I pray for my relationship to be the best it can

I don'taskforgreatness or prosperity,but I prayfor happiness in this next.year and years tocome. And I don't only portrayforthisformyself, I praythisforeachandevery person I.comein contactwith. I pray with my.wholr.heart for.the best year anyone couldask for.

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