Prayer for betterment and strength

Dear Lord Jesus, I pray tonight on this lonely winter night, for the betterment of my soul and for the unfailing strength to bear whatever is to come. I believe fervently that everything happens for a reason and I am asking you to help me when I feel weak. I will always fight the good fight and never give up. There are times however, especially at nighttime that weakness sets in and I need to be carried along this journey. I thank you for all the blessings that you have given me, blessings that I take for granted sometimes. I even thank you for my weakness, for in weakness I am realizing just how strong I really am. I thank you lord for the blessings that have happened and will happen in days to come. In my suffering I have grown spirtiually and I have grown closer to you. I know I will be ok as long as I continue to walk with you. I humbly ask you to watch over my family and friends as well. Hearts have been broken, dreams shattered, but yet in the midst of all the turmoil I know your there and I know you are in control come what may. It is your will. I ask this through your name, amen

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