Prayer for Break through in finances, employment, love and marriage

by Gugu
(South Africa)

I am a single mom with 21 month old baby. I had recently bought a home in 2013. I also own a vehicle, that am still paying for. my finances have gone very bad. I cannot afford to pay for water and light in my home anymore. I may be disconnected at any time. I live in fear. I am also in arrears with all my payments. I am so scared I may loose everything I own. I am praying for a miracle to move this mountain. I am not happy anymore.


Love and marriage
I was in a lesbian relationship for over 10 years. we were living together. we even planned on getting a child and we did. however, after becoming a mother, my priorities changed. I started looking at her as a woman she was. we lost the connection. she still loved me but I fell in love with the father of my child. I pray for forgiveness. I pray for her to forgive me and what I have done to her. for leaving a lesbian life. I know there are angels that I happy. I pray for my baby daddy to take our relationship seriously. I pray for his love and honourship for us as family. I pray for him, if he is meant to be my husband, to consider marriage. he has inspired me in so many ways, I pray to do the same for him too. be with our businesses as well. let them flourish in Jesus name.

I believe my time at hospice is up. I need to move forward. I need to get a job. I believe getting a job will help a great deal with my financial challenges. I have been applying with regrets and no responses. I pray to the Lord that all CV's sent to never come back null and Void. I pray for the restoration of my life.

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