Prayer for Breakthrough in immigration case

by Lara

O Lord, please remember me and have mercy on me in my immigration case so I can be released from detention and granted my permanent residency in the UK.


O Lord, please prove to the world that i am serving a living God and turn this situation around to favour me.

O Lord, catapualt me to greatness as you did for Daniel and Joseph in foreign lands.

O Lord, as you parted the red sea for the isrealites and delivered them from the egyptians, please come to my rescue and prove to the Ukba/world that you've got the final say on my life.

Father Lord, any document standing as a stumbling block to my release from detention and permanent residency in the UK, I command them to be consumed by the fire of GOD

O Lord, any where my name is being mentioned, I shall received divine favour in Jesus Name.

O Lord, please raise men and women to fight for my favour.

O Lord, destroy all hindrances to my breakthrough and raise a financial pillar for me and my family.

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by: Anonymous

May God help with immigration problem for those who have an immigration poblems

So it will be
by: CDD

Hi Lara and to those in similar situations

I pray not to judge you but to release your burden.

I pray may god bless you and guide you and show you the way to a break though with your challenges.

I pray god keeps you strong and you are uplifted and strengthened during this time.

May you be guided and protected by our father


Prayer for Breakthough in immigration cases
by: ABA

I want God to have favour on my children and I concerning our Immigration cases with the United Kingdom Home Office, and God to heal my finances.

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