prayer for business capital to get back to business

Brethren, I need you to pray for me. I am a father of four girls and a boy, my business went completely down in 2012. Since then I have not been able to play my financial roll in supporting my children, family and myself.


I have always been a business owner since 27 years, I have always been an employer of labor. But since 2012 my business was gone, I have tried to get a job to help confront my monumental bills and responsibilities, but have not found anything sustainable.

I have even gone so low for any type of job, entry level, warehouse work anything, registered with recruiters and all the work interviews I have attended gets me the job, salaries discussed and work responsibility handed and I always agree to their terms, But before the date of orientation, I will here that they have moved on with a different candidate.

Some contract work of $10/hr I some times secure would not last more two Months. I have been waiting upon the Lord to restore me,but I feel like each day my situation gets worse. At 50 years, what else can I do but waiting up the Lord for divine resources to rebuild my family, to have a stable spiritual life and rebuild my business. I used to own a small private business valued between three to four million dollar until 2011/2012. But now I am indebted to about three thousand dollars, I am no bothered about this, all I am bothered is God please don't let me loose my kids as a result of their basic needs I can no longer provide for now.

Please brethren, help me ask God to forgive every sins I have committed that lead to devil's attack on everything I have. But one thing I know is I will never forsake My Lord God, even if this problems will lead to my death.

My cry is that Our God will come to my aid so that I will effectively do my fatherly duty of teaching my children the way of the Lord. Rebuild my business. Please dear Lord restore me,

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