Prayer for capital

by tricia

I am a mother of 2 children, i take care of them with little help from their father. i am very hard working and i try my best.i have started a small business in order to earn a better living for me and my children, i started the business with no money, however it needs capital, i can build my own capital by getting increased business from customers with orders that are very large and who will make deposits and pay on time. i want to succeed right now i am in debt but i still try, i beg you lord for a financial breakthrough so i can pay these bills and obtain capital for the business,it puts food on the table lord please help me i have no one but you and i am trying very hard to succeed its the only thing i have ever done in my life that i am happy doing in terms of work,lord you gave me this oportunity help me to make it a success i am depending on you i am so tired now i need to lean on someone i am tired i need help please help me lord.forgive me for my sins lord, give me widom and courage to go on.

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