Prayer for complete confusion

by Sue

I have just started a new job in a Pediatric ICU where it took me about 8 months to finally be able to get hired. I finally got the job and now two months in I have noticed the environment and the people I work with are very hostile.


My managers act as if they are approachable and when approached they are negative and inflexible and at times I feel they are mean spirited. This morning I spoke with my manager in regards to take a part time position from the full time position I am currently in.

It didnt go too well. I had a plan to have the lord to give me strength to speak to her. It did not work I stumbled and my mind went blank as she was very hostile with me. I am very saddened. Confused and I feel like a failure. Walking out of there today made me feel like a complete failure. She was so rude.

My family and I are going through a rough transition period as we are so confused as to where to live and be happy and at peace for the most part. and we seem not to have a set plan. May god help my family in this time of transition and hurt. may God help me make a decision soon whether to move on or endure this pain in the ICU.

I request prayer for clarity, discernment and guidance. I feel as though I have sought out the Lord I have cried so much I have prayed and read his word listened to his songs and yet my soul feels so much more confused.

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