Prayer for constipation problems

by Elisha

God, please bless my child who is having constipation problem. It's already 5 days, i can't see her suffering, she is only 3 years plus. The stomach pain, fever, can't eat, etc... make me worried about her. She is getting sick more often.


It's just 2 weeks she was having thoart infection, and having fever for 3 days non stop, please god i can't take it anymore, day by day she becoming thin and thin. Please god heal her lord, bless her lord that she will be healty child without any sickness.

It's was pain in me whenever i see she suffer in sickness.

Oh my lord you are healer, ur the loved one, god you can do mircale in her life. I pray and ask in Jesus name. Amen.

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Aug 30, 2016
Prayer works
by: Anonymous

Well when you're does this rate you'll try anything I just went online and sad. Prayer for constipation and I set the prayer and God is my witness within two minutes I use the restroom. With God all things are possible. Prayer changes things in Jesus name of course

Oct 06, 2014
Prayer for constipation
by: True Believer

Almighty Savior
Just as you loosened the tongues of those who could not speak
So may you loosen my sphincter
So that it may become a portal
for the digested remnants of you bountiful harvest
Where you reign for ever and ever
through our most holy Savior, Jesus

-This works for me every time. In fact I just typed it and now I have to run to the throne. (No pun intended.)

Jun 19, 2011
Don't wait
by: Anonymous

Please take her to the doctor! Don't wait any longer. Jesus the divine Physician, put doctors on earth to care for us!

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