Prayer for Defiant Child

by M

This is for my daughter who is 16 and extremely defiant - she currently got admission in a school but wants to come back from there - she is always unhappy and feels persecuted -


Please pray that she starts liking the school and its environment and gets herself equipped for life - I am a single parent - I have tried my best correcting her -

Lord, please make her mind free of revenge and unhappiness - Fill it with joy - make her love everyone and everyone to love her - may I be able to hear that she is a stable child - please make her mature - please solve her behavioural problems -

Lord, I have only you for support - I promise to believe in you all my life - please solve this major problem of mine

I have nowhere to go and if she comes back from that school, I will have to give up my job - I need this job to support both of us

Lord, please take control of my life - Please please work a miracle in my life

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Defiant child
by: Anonymous

I too, have a defiant child who is 16 1//2. She was diagnosed with RAD in 5th grade. Both mother and daughter have always had a hard attaching to one another since she was small. She can be very disrespectful and rude to her mother. I have gotten to where I can hardly be around her. I have a hard time praying for the two of us. I don't trust her kindness towards me when she is nice. All I seem to be able to do these days is hand it over to God and trust he will give me the strength to handle her with little emotion I have for her. Amen

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