Prayer for Depression and Better Days

by Courtney
(St. Paul, Minnesota)

Dear God,

I am suffering from depression. Some days are better than others. Recently its just been so hard to start my day. I just don't have any energy to enjoy my day. I am to the point where I just wanna give up. I ask you lord that you help me overcome my depression. And help me realize life is worth living! I wanna enjoy life again, and not be sad all the time.

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Mar 03, 2016
Depression Keeps Me Stuck
by: Anonymous

I love your prayer! I can relate to every word in it. I too have no energy, and waste entire mornings-sometimes even going back to sleep. I don't feel like I'm living on days when I get nothing done. It's like I'm wasting the precious gift to live each day. I know I can't give up, but I feel so stuck. And each day that passes w/o me getting much done or appreciating it feels like I'm throwing away a gift. I know God wants more for me and just hope this dark cloud lifts soon! I hope the same for you as well! God bless!

Jun 22, 2015
prayer for depression & better days
by: Anonymous

Try praying to St Expeditus, he is the patron saint of emergencies and solutions.

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