Prayer for Depression, fear, self esteem, loss and grief

by Wendy
(Sooke, BC Canada)

I just came out of an abusive work situation that I got laid off from after 10 months.


I am struggling with being beaten up by belittling, a boss and work colleague that were narristic, and hurtful. No kind words just a lot of not kind things. I am a career counsellor.
The city I work in in Canada, has few jobs in this area that is why I stayed at this job and did not leave.

Please pray for my mind, self esteem, grief, loss, inner thoughts...I need things to change.

I need to have my thoughts change...I am so hard on me. I also need pray for my husband...he is not doing well with this either.

There is more to this story about my boss...and colleague...but I just would like to ask for prayer support and help.

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Depression/Grief/Isolation of family
by: Anonymous

I feel so empty some times, I've gone through a stage where I've lost most of my family. Only a few have stuck with me through my pain.
I've basically asked my Lord to take me cause I can't handle the pain anymore. I'm suppose to be Happy, yes I am I just got with my Husband, but my other problems have surfaced and I can't just get rid of them over night. That's why I'm asking for prayers, PLEASE

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