Prayer for destiny to be fulfilled

I ask that you join me in prayer for my destiny to be fulfilled. I was in medical school and had to leave because of finanacial difficulties and problems passing my board exams. In order for me to sit for my board exams I have to do a rotation and then I will be allowed to take the exam again. Bc I have not passed yet, I am not eligible for financial aid to cover the rotation I need. I ask you to join me in prayer for a financial breakthrough. I want to restart school this year and sit for my board exam. I know God would not bring me this far to leave me. But I need money. Also, while I am waiting for my financial breakthrough, I am trying to study for my boards so that I can be ready when the doors open. I am having a very hard time studying bc I work soo much to pay bills (student loans are killing me). I need intercessory prayer that I can be in the ideal situation where I can dedicate to studying and can focus. So many have counted me out but I know God has not. I need your prayers.

I pray that when I do sit, that provisions will be made for me to sit. I was diagnosed with a slightly learning impairment that does not give me an even playing field when testing especially difficult exams for the boards. I have asked for accommodations and have been rejected. I pray that when I apply again those accommodations will be excepted or if not, that the impairment be healed in the name of Jesus so that I can move forward with my destiny and get a 98% on the STEP examninations.

Lastly, I pray for a husband. A good man who will be a strong and loving partner. Who will support me in all of my endeavors and who loves the Lord. This is my prayer in jesus most precious name. Amen!

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