Prayer for disability benefits to get granted

by Fatima Veislari
(Waterbury, Ct)

Dear Lord, I need a financial blessing in my life, and I am doing all I can to get my disability benefits by going to my doctors, and I have had the connection to one of the best SSD lawyers. I thank you lord for connecting me with a great lawyer who accepted my case.


I have been going through so much heartache and pain for the fact that this process is very difficult and I have been very depressed deep down in my soul and I want my life to change with your help God. I have so much going on I ask that you bless my mother Sadeta and deliver her from sickness and diseases that may unfold as I am only blessed with a roof over my head through my mom, who is kind and compassionate about my life and financial matters.

I have struggled hard but you have helped me along the way God. You have blessed my family on many occasions. My only hope is through faith in you God, that I shall be granted my disability according to your will God, as my case sits in the office of the administrative law judge.

Please God help me this day so that I may be able to have brighter days into my future. In your holy name I pray, Amen.

Thanks to those of you who are and have prayed for my financial needs. God bless you!

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