Prayer for emotional healing and finding my life partner

by suzzy
(Nairobi )

Dear God,

Heavenly Father, I pray that you may heal my broken heart.Help me forgive my ex boyfriend who caused me extreme pain and drove me to dispair. I pray that I shall wake up one day and find myself ay peace. Lordplease I pray that you may lead me to my perfect love since only You know what is best for me..

I pray for calmness as I waiton You.I feel afraid that time may not b on my side.I'm 28 years. I pray for hope and that I do not succumb to pressure to make relationship decisions thatlead to more pain.Take over Jesus name I pray. Amen

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Sending you love...
by: Lauren

Hi Suzzy! I just got done praying for you. I, too, am in a season of brokenness and healing. He is SO with us, Suzzy. He's going to restore your heart. He's going to restore your joy. He's going to restore your peace. These are his promises and he is an honest and faithful God. I'm so happy that you decided to put your prayer request up. I had such delight in praying for you and deep in my heart I know that God is moving on your behalf. The days may pass slowly but be encouraged, sweetie. Remember all that he has promised us and I know that you will get through this. I've prayed for you and I'm sending you love and strength and peace and joy. I love you in the Lord!


by: Anonymous

I prayed for you

love hope and wonder
by: Anonymous

You will find love and it will be glorious... Don't despair or give up..

thank you for your prayer
by: sophie

I share your prayer, thank you for posting it, its a beautiful prayer.
don't worry about running out of time, I am 45 yrs old and I wil pray for us both.

Your Prayer,My Prayer
by: Erick.S.O

Suzzy,if u love a bird let it go..if it comes bac 2u its uaz 4eva,if it dsnt then twoz neva uaz at da start... A friend of mine told me xo..God neva sleeps,Ua nt alone...i woz inda sem boat,ma grlfrnd left me a wk b4 Xmas n also ma birthdey thiz yr.I felt lyk ma whole world wz gone..Confusion,tearz,heartbrek sorrounded me...WHY GOD? i askd.nw i see,@late 20s theaz pain..i jz turnd 29.Xo ua nt alone,tme is nt running out 4u..God is in control..thz da tym 4u 2b on.. P.U.S.H

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