Prayer for Employment and confirmation

by Karen

Dear Lord,


I went for an interview around 2 weeks ago and received a confirmation of job offer on the following day. However, when I replied to thank the company for the job offer and to request for a job offer confirmation letter and the day I can start work, I didn't hear from them.

I have send around 4 emails and even went down to the company to see if there's a chance to meet up with the boss of the company but wasn't fruitful.

My current company will be relocating their office soon and which means that I will need to find another job soon. I have to work to support the family and also my personal finance to settle.

There's one company that is looking for a web designer and I have also applied for the position. I went for a first round interview. They email me a design brief to ask me to prepare some design for evaluation which I have I will prepare to send them. I hope that I will be called for a 2nd interview and can be appointed by this company because I believe Lord, you will find me a job that I will do best. I do hope you will bless me with this job.

THANK YOU LORD for giving me this special help,

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