Prayer for employment and marriage.

by Rowena D. Llego
(Manila, Philippines)

Almighty God, I praise and glorify your name. Thank you so much for all the blessings you keep on showering upon us. I ask for forgiveness for all the sins I have committed. I'm sorry about it. Lord, I have made decision in resigning for my previous job since I found myself not competent and confident in the job. I tried my best but still looking for passion into it. Lord, I have applications and still searching for a job where I can be happy and committed. Please help me to find what i am looking for. And may this job serve as a stable and lifetime job for me. Lord, I know that I keep on begging for some things. This time Lord, I will also ask for another favor, and that is to find my would be partner in life. May I build a strong and happy marriage with him. And may you'll be our guidance and center of the family that we'll be making. Thank you so much Lord. Amen

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