Prayer for Employment , Family Peace

by Richard

O lord I pray to thee , for strength so that I stand this time of trial. I have a job buts its no secure nor does the payments are on time . I still havent been paid my June dues and now July is going to end.


because of this financial trouble my wife and kids are not with me . they are with my in laws . my daughter is not going to school . I have credit card and loans which I havent paid. there is no way I can get more credit . we have started disposing of house hold stuff. paying the rent has become difficult.

I have frequent fights with my wife due to this stress. I just need my old life back . like my earlier job things were good.

I just want to stay with my family and pay off my debt .

lord please answer my prayer , I know I have sinned and sometimes due to stress am getting addicted to alcohol.
but its getting worse. help me lord . provide me the way.bless my kids and family.


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