Prayer for employment for my Daughter

by Darlene R.

Glorious St. Jude with faith in your goodness I ask for your help today. My daughter is seeking employment in a difficult field and is in great need of a miracle. I ask for your guidance to give her strength, energy, courage and wisdom.


My daughter is good and honest, so I pray St. Jude that you please help her potential employer to see the same during this difficult and stressful time. Please pray for my daughter and all of those whom are seeking your assistance. Thank you

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Prayer for My Daugther
by: Donna

Please pray for my daughter Tiffany to find employment. She is having difficulty and needs the Lord's guidance. Please pray that the Lord will give her strength, confidence, and the wisdom to make the right decisions. Thank you.

by: Anonymouscarolyn

Lord please bless my daughter with a stable and insurance paid job that she work days only. She have 2 beautiful children and need financial help. Please help her find that job soon Lord. In JESUS name is pray. Amen.

my daughter get job
by: Dolores

please pray for daughter get better job before l die when she keep our house because she doesn't get job for two years . thanks jude

For my daughter
by: Anonymous

Lord I pray that she gets this job as a teacher she so wants. She is a hardworking mum and a breath of fresh air as well as being a great teacher.
I ask this in Jesus name

For my daughter
by: Anonymous

Blessed St. Jude

Please help my daughter get a new job. It is one that she wishes for very much. She is the breadwinner of the family. I ask this with all my heart and soul. Blessed St Jude please hear and answer this my humble prayer. Amen!

employment for my daughter
by: Anonymous

St. Jude

I pray that the economy will get better to help all that needs jobs to take care of their families. I pray that you will help my daughter find employment soon for her sanity, She is a good person and wants to be able to display the talents that God has given her. Please I pray that you will look down upon her and help her to find employment soon.

Daughter wants to work
by: Anonymous

St Jude ,pray my daughter finds work.she wants to work is a caring loving Jesus name.amen

Prayer for a immediate possible job abroad of my daughter
by: Anonymous

St. Jude,

We are now in badly needed of financial aid, pls help my daughter Dennice Deanne for immediate employment of job abroad within a month. So we could send other siblings to school and support their studies and help other family members who are in need too. To be able to pay our serious debt to those people who trusted us and to be able to pay our monthly bills and daily expenses in life.

We ask you through our Virgin Mary and Jesus.


praying for help
by: Anonymous

My daughter has been out of work for two months, she has went on several interviews but with no success, we are praying every night that she finds a good paying job. Please pray that she will find work soon so that she can display the talents that God has given her. We ask for prayers.

by: Andrea

I ask that St Jude pray my daughter Marcia find a job that is well paid and enjoyed...

an amazing JOF for Daughter
by: Gloria

Please Father God of the heaven armies. .do not adandon your daughter A. Please bless her with an amazimg JOB. All things are made possible through you LORD GOD. She has been through so much. Give her pease & joy Lord God recreate my daughter to your delight .please LORD GOD hear my cry I think you know Father God she needs a miracle in het life NOW. NOW. That this jpb will be one she can keep for a long time until. YOU have somethink better for her in Jesus name amen. Thank You Father God. Thank You sweet Jeaus. We pray Father God will answer all your needs & your ministry needs in Jesus name amen.

Praying for my daughter's employment
by: Anonymous

St. Jude pls help me in praying that my daughter trix vould find a perfect job that suits her interest i hope that it will be soon so that she can earn & could help her family.

Payer to get Staff Accounatnt position
by: Anonymous

I pray to you sweet St. Jude that I get the staff accountant job. The job is exactly what I been looking for. Oh sweet st. Jude please pray for me and help me get this job. Thank you!

relocating job
by: Winnie

Pray For a good job in ny nj area for Akua

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