Prayer for Employment in a Respectful University

by Patricia

Dear Heavenly Father, I humbly place my needs before you. I am extremely grateful for the interesting and beautiful opportunities you have given me in this life. I am also grateful for the challenges you have set me that were opportunities that enabled me to to become a better person.


Dear Lord, my current place of employment is a job that I love in terms of my teaching and research, but the environment of this particular institution is very difficult. Please Lord, I beseech you to hear my prayer in finding a job in a university that supports an equal balance between research and teaching, supports their professors in their research, and supports their professors in playing a key role in the lives and development of their students. Please I beg you to help me find a university with an atmosphere of mutual respect, cooperation, support and recognition for one’s deeds. Please help me to find this opportunity soon.

Dear God, you have given me a gift for teaching and research, and I wish to use these to the best of my abilities. Please God, I ask for a post in a better place, closer to my family. I have learned many lessons, and I would like to use these in a safe and supportive environment. I offer my thanks and promise of continued hard work and love for what I do. This I ask of you all powerful Lord. Thank you for hearing my prayer today. Amen

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