Prayer for enough money to pay the bills

Lord I come to you, because I'm in financial difficulty.


The financial difficulty was of my doing. I was very foolish in spending money carelessly and not looking forward to the future.

Lord I come to you, because I need just enough money to pay my bills. I also admit to myself that I was FOOLISH in how I was handling money. Money is a is a necessary tool to have, but you must use it correctly.

Lord I thank you for giving me a place to stay, food to eat, and to wake up to see the SUN shine.

Lord you have norished my mind. You made me realize that money is not a recreation tool, it's tool used to sustain your lifestyle.

Lord not only do I come to you in financial need. I also want to share my situation to everyboby else in the UNIVERSE. I only NEED, but I don't WANT.

I will never "Live Above My Means" again!

In your name I pray, Amen

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Jan 24, 2017
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by: Anonymous

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Dec 12, 2016
Prayers for enough money to pay off my debts & take care of my kids.
by: T Wiggins

Father God, I know I haven't made the best and right decision in life. It's always what I want, I never need material things is not a must. I have being foolish, selfish, long eyed, want what I want when I want it and I know that is not the way you want your children to be. So I come to you today asking for forgiveness my Heavenly Father. All the things I listened above is a sin. Forgive me for all my sins lord. I promise to do better I promise to give more then I receive. Asking for a financial blessing to come me and my family way. To be able to pay off our debts and praying for an increase in my salary to be able to maintain all my bills once I pay off all my debts.
In Jesus name Amen.

Dec 09, 2016
by: Robert geiter

Farther do need a miracle for groceries and money. For car and 127.45 for insurance

Oct 12, 2016
I need money to settle my financial God pls give me miracle and I right now God I need 500 dollars God pls help me God I beg you thanks
by: gie

God I need financial for payment my bills and my son God am struggling alot about money God please help me God please give me a miracle right now God my friend also God want to collect the money that I barrow to her please Hod help me God my please give me blessing lord I do not know where can get money God I buy 4 D hope can help me God I just wish God thanks

Oct 10, 2016
Falling behind
by: Anonymous

Thank you Jesus, thank you for letting me see the sun, thank you God, thank you God, for everything you have done for me ,
my knowledge of right and wrong, I have fallen short on bills and responsibilities, due to my lack of responsibility I am looking for forgiveness and the ability to look forward!! I have been irresponsible with money and I am down and I am begging for help..because of my selfish ways my families who believes in prayer have seen that I was unassisted and I need to be better at paying attention to my fiances and take care of my family..God Jesus Christ, please hear my cry and continue to help me threw my troubles..In the name of Jesus, all debt is free!!! Amen

Oct 06, 2016
by: Anonymous

Lord I need enough money so that I may pay off my bills and start fresh with my family we desperately need 1400 dollars . Lord thank you

Aug 24, 2016
financial prosperity
by: Anonymous

Heavenly Father I am praying for a new home for my family. I would like the process to purchase this home stress free. Heavenly Father I asked that you go before we move in to our home in order to anoint our home with peace and blessings. I pray that every bill will be covered, I pray that we are able to obtain a great lawn service company, a wonderful handy man and a cleaning service to help us keep our home in a well kept manner to show we appreciate your blessings. Heavenly Father cover and motivate my family to appreciate, take care of our home and to thank you and give you honor and praise for this wonderful blessing. Heavenly Father i am also praying that the replacement of my tire will be no more than twenty dollars.In Jesus name I pray Amen.

Aug 18, 2016
Money to take care my children and bills
by: Tasha

Father god I come to you for help I need money to take care my 6 children and to pay my bills I need a miracle right now its hard beening a single parent

Aug 18, 2016
Money to take care my children and bills
by: Anonymous

Father god I come to you for help I need money to take care my 6 children and to pay my bills I need a miracle right now its hard beening a single parent

Aug 04, 2016
I am trying
by: Randy Sheehan

Lord I am trying to be a good spender but I am not perfect and have a little more debt than I can handle. I as for you guidance and wisdom in helping me with my financial burdens. In all of this I pray, Amen

Jul 10, 2016
i comment for enough money to pay my bills to app by fair
by: Ochendu Chinamere Bereme

i prayer God Almighty to help and give me enough money to pay my bills and also guide me in thing that i doing to get my success in name Amen

Apr 04, 2016
Financial Help
by: Nelson

Dear Lord Jesus ,

I come to you with confessing all my sins to you and asking for forgiveness . Lord Jesus I ask that you forgive me for not saving my money but you know my income and you see my struggle, it's pretty hard to save when I have backed up bills and the new bills surface . I pray that my past bills be caught up and I can take it from there . I know that you won't leave me nor forsake me . Please help me and I won't run through money ever again .

Mar 13, 2016
God of by this time, tomorrow
by: AnonymOlubukola

Lord you are the one I look up to, help me cause I'm nothing without you. I have been down for so long, steadily sinking lower. DEAR LORD, I cry out to you like your disciple sinking right after walking on water, lift me up, Lord.i need you to pour out your blessing and greater glory upon my children, my husband and myself.let your mercy triumph judgement in our home, I pray that you help us pay our children' s school fees, move to our own house, pay off all our debts and be a blessing according to your word........ all these I pray and recieve in faith in the mighty name of Jesus ( Amen)

Feb 28, 2016
strugle withe mony to pay my stuff
by: jean cluade

Hi. God thanks for give me chanse to talk to y I am going true a lot of stress I strugel to make a loan struge withe my finens pls god help me withe money I got a job I got chiled byt plenty stresss

Dec 09, 2015
Enough money to pay our bills
by: Anonymous

Dear Lord I ask you to please provide the opportunity for us to get out from some of this debt before my husband starts this new job. Lord I know you see he is trying. Please send good paying loads his way and keep him safe out on the road. I ask you this in Jesus's name. Amen

Oct 25, 2015
need a place to stay
by: sonya earnest

Lord you know our hearts and know we need a place to stay and money too get back and fourth to work allow 600.00 to come our way today

Oct 25, 2015
need a place to stay
by: sonya earnest

Lord you know our hearts and know we need a place to stay and money too get back and fourth to work allow 600.00 to come our way today

Oct 24, 2015
need a place to stay
by: sonya earnest

Lord help me and her to be able to get a place to stay this week enough money to survive the rest of the week let's have some fun of me in Jesus name Amen

Oct 24, 2015
need a place to stay
by: sonya earnest

lll allows to y allows to have a place to stay and plenty of money coming into

Oct 03, 2015
Prayer For Great Debt
by: JR

Please help me with my credit card bills. I have used them to buy groceries, fix all our vehicles, and things we could of done without. I have gotten into a large hole again. Please pray for financial assistance to relive this stress. I support my husband and my parents and need help. Thank you for hearing my prayer. Amen.

Jul 15, 2015
prayer for money
by: cn

dear lord forgive me for all that i should of done and did not do hep me to save more and please bring a miracle break through to me in fast way to pay off my bills and to help me i will say it is you who brought all this money to me today ame.

Jun 07, 2015
Need of money to pay the bills.
by: Marcus Blum

Lord, I need your help. I was a fool in my past for wasting money instead of saving up for important things that will sustain my life. Lord, I'm praying you to ask you to help me earn enough money so I can pay my bills and live in my life of harmony. I want to beleive you and ask you to forgive me for the past sins I had commited. Lord, I want to put my heart and soul in your hands so you can give me the love and life that I want to acheive.


Marcus Blum

May 19, 2015
financial prayer
by: Anonymous

Lord I come to you today to pray in your name for help to pay my bills and get my family and I out of dept. I don't want a lot lord just enough to make it out of this whole I have put myself in. Forgive me for miss using my money . I pray and thank you for the job you have provided for me the house I'm renting the car I drive the food my family and I get. Giving me life to see the sun and my family. Thank you in your name I pray amen

Mar 11, 2015
it really works
by: Anonymous

i received some money just after praying this prayer.
God bless you abundantly.

Feb 05, 2015
by: sandile

Dear God I need money instantly to pay off my bills,i am in financial crisis and to pay bills urgently as well as buy a house in Jesus name Amen

Nov 17, 2011
Thank you Big Pat
by: Anonymous

Thank you for submitting this wonderful prayer. God bless you.

Sep 20, 2011
Blessings in Abundance
by: Big Pat

Precious and Holy Lord, I need your loving, kind and generous hand to touch me and my family, to deliver us from the poor decisions we have made. We need your blessings to rain upon us with favor and prosperity so that we can get out of this financial trench we have dug for ourselves. We want, no we need to be vessels of your kindness so we can be examples of your love and favor to others who are facing similar situations. Will you come Lord? Please. Let your Holy Spirit transform us into the leaders you have created in the past. Lord pay our bills, grant us health, continue to bless us with food and shelter and good, clean common sense. Protect my child and wife and continue to let us bow to you and worship your goodness. In your name, Amen

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