Prayer for failed relationships, despair and feeling of hopelessness

Lord, at times I feel as if I'm cursed, I turn to you always Lord, I keep complete faith in you at all times, forgive me Lord for ever making it seem as if I hold all the problems in the world or that my tribulations are worse than anyone else's, but at times I feel so confused when I am given happiness I always praise you Lord, I feel as it is a gift from you Lord and it is you saying that you have heard my prayers and said my suffering is over, so when it is taken away I am completely caught off guard, Lord I have dated and men are not always great, so when I meet one that I finally think maybe the one, there is always something that happens that it doesn't workout, but this last time was the worst I saw a future with this man, so the pain I am feeling is nearly unbearable, all my friends are married with kids or in relationships, I am so lonely and my friends don't have time for me they are all so busy with their own lives, so I am left to be alone with very little social life, I have taken care of my disabled parents since I was 13, losing my Dad was very hard he was my rock when I was sad wether he gave me guidance or just rubbed my head while I cried it was comforting, I don't know what I'm doing wrong but I feel as if I'm not worthy of anyone's time, it gets so lonely and it makes me miss my ex so much more he wasn't just the man I loved he was my best friend, so I also lost the person I went out with and talked to the most, all I do is work and stay home and care for my Mom, please Lord I want to be a positive person and bring happiness to others but it is so hard when I am dying inside, please Lord bring me happiness that is not taken from me so that I may better serve you Lord and be a positive force in others lives, in Jesus name, Amen.

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