Prayer for Fianacial Help to Finish the Project

by Josey

Dear Lord , thank you for listening to my prayer , Lord as you know i have been doing this project for some time now and i its been hard for me , as no one believes in my project Lord, Lord i am tired of rejection Lord i am tired of humiliation Lord i am down Lord nd lost.


i ask for this prayer Lord that i may find the finance to finish this project Lord and start all the other ones Lord in your name.

i know that you have not forsaken me or forgotten about me Lord , you have given me so much Lord and for that i am grateful , i ask of you Lord is that you may send me your angles and do the miracle that i may find the finance to finish this project Lord, i have no doubt that you will help me achieve higher projects in life Lord.

forgive me for my sins forgive Lord for not having the patience and thank you Lord for listening for me and for all the people that pray for me.

Thank you.

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