Prayer for Financial Blessings for My Mother

by Barbara
(San Jose, CA)

My mother is on the verge of the bank trying to foreclose on her home.The bank keeps denying loan motificaion she has been trying to get for over 4 years . A reduced note is needed for her to keep the home she has been in for 40 plus years.


Also she was a daycare provider and lost all of her children to the drop in the economy and kids reaching age where they no longer required daycare. Since things has picked up she is not able to get kids to keep. She was known as one of the best home daycares and was in business for over 15 plus years. .

Something evil has been sent against her to loose everything she has. Please pray that she can get her house down to be able to pay the notes and get chidren again in daycare. Also for her health, peace of mind and spirit. She is a Christian and works in the church.

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Oct 13, 2015
Faith NEW
by: Tampa fl

My prayers are with your Mom
She is a good woman and Mother
Nothing evil has been sent to her
Only an opportunity that will lead her to other
Things please have faith please go to church each
Sunday can you go with her?
Jesus needs both of you
Can an attorney help ?
Not sure how it is in California

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