Prayer for financial blessings to come out of police case & save job

by Roshini
(Dubai, United Arab emirate )

Dear GOD,


i am a sinner, i sin so much i am sorry. But why have you turned your face away from me? have i sinned that much you cant forgive me and help me out of this problem ? Lord i dont wanna loose my job. Lord i wanna pay the debts & clear my police case. Lord please help me with the cash i need. All responsibility of a family is on me. Its getting hard for me to walk with this burden. Please dont make me fall down so much that i get cornered so much with the only option of committing suicide. Lord please help me. Its too heavy for me to carry. Why have you turned your face ? Why dont you love me like you love others ? Why dont you care for me & support me. What have i done so much that i deserve such a punishment?

please lord help me. I'm begging for my king to help me. They say you are a king then why am i so poor Lord ? why are you keeping me in hunger ? why am i loosing everything in life ?

Please help me. I'm asking in your SON Jesus Christ's name

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