Prayer for Financial Breakthrough for my Car Loan

by Bridgette
(South Africa)

I greet you in the name of Jesus Christ our Lord Amen. Firstly I would like to sing praises to God for securing me a Job and thank you Lord for answering my prayers. I settled for less salary and I am grateful to God as there are very few job offerings this time of the year.


Please pray for me for financial breakthrough as my car installment is too high and I have applied this morning to purchase a smaller vehicle. My previous loan has attached me as a bad payer, and I owe 1months re-payments and will pa it today to settle

Please pray with me and for me for my application to be approved so I may have a stable financial situation, to pay for a small car with less instalments. In Jesus name Amen.

Your word Lord says, I will supply all you needs according to your wishes...I thank the Lord for my life, and all the Goodness and Mercy he has shown me. Oh Blessed Jesus I leave everything in your Holy hands Amen

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