Prayer for Financial healing and peace

Dear Lord,

I come to you and I humbly acknowledge that the reason I am in the position I am in is the fault of my family and myself. I have prayed to you countless times, my faith growing weaker and weaker everytime I pray. I know that this shouldn't be the case, as you have already answered numerous prayers for my family and I.

O Lord, you know how bad the economy is and you know that things keep getting more and more expensive. You also know that my family and I are still paying for financial mistakes that we made so many years ago. The burden of being under this financial bondage is unbearable now. Lord, please have mercy and make a way out of this mess of a situation. We have dealt with going without, not having enough and at times practically starving. We can't do it anymore.

Please provide a way out of this situation. The world tells us deliverance and freedom from past mistakes is impossible; that we should always have to pay for them. But Lord, you are merciful and gracious and your power extends far beyond the comprehension of man. O Lord, Please help us and get us out of this situation once and for all. The bils just keep piling up and our debts want to swallow us whole.

O Lord, I cry out to you from the bottom of my heart and ask for your help. Help me to believe for a miracle, and help me to believe in your grace once again O Lord.
I ask these thiings in the name of your Son our Saviour Jesus Christ, our only mediator, Amen.

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