Prayer for Financial help that is needed

I want to first thank the Lord for his many blessings. He has brought me from a mighty long way in life and I am thankful.


He is my light in the darkest hour and right now things are looking dark. I went to Bible study Wednesday (as I do every week).and the preacher said Jesus is like our elder brother and He is there to look out for us. I cried as I listened and I have prayed and prayed for a financial blessing.

After the scare with the Government shutdown I panicked, but I prayed and thank God the Government is up and running again.I have not been able to pay my mortgage this month but everything else is paid. I am asking the Lord to please help me financially I do not want to lose my home.

I am praying daily for the Lord to send my family a miracle. We need financial help pray with me that the Lord will hear my cries and help me the remainder of this month I am praying for the money to make my mortgage payment.

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