prayer for financial help

by Colleen samuel
(Martinsburg, wv)

Dear St. Jude


I need financial help. My husband was out of work for over a year and the last 6 months of that year we didn't receive any unemployment money and we have 3 kids to try and support on my salary alone. Because of this our credit card debt is too much. Even though he has a job now we are still owing more than we can handle.

I had to get a new car to get to work because my old one was dying. So now on top of all the other bills we have this car payment. I have a website set up to sell items I have made but nothing is selling. Please St. Jude help me find a way out of this debt. At least to a point where I feel like I can handle it.

Take away this stress and depression I have because of this increased debt. St. Jude please help me. Amen

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