Prayer for Finding a Husband and a Career

I pray St. Joseph that I may find the Right Person the Lord has destined be to be with. I pray that when the right time comes, we would both be ready to face the future together, love one another and our family, have a harmonious relationship and live accordingly to God's will. Someday, I pray for a happy married life and I truly pray and believe that one day I would meet the love of my life.


I also pray for guidance and that opportunities would open up for me as I move to Seattle and start my career as a Registered Nurse already. I hope to get in a reputable hospital and have great co-workers and a happy work environment. As I open this new chapter in my life, I pray St. Joseph for directionin my life. I'm not getting any younger and I pray that I would be able to make it successfuly in Seattle so I would also be able to help others as well...especially my family and other people.

Thank you, St. joseph. Please hear my prayers.

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