Prayer for Fixing a Friendship

by Samantha
(New Zealand)

St Jude, please help me fix my relationship with a friend of mine who i considered an Aunty. We had a silly disagreement and all i wanted was to hang with her but i should have dropped it respecting she was busy and waited until she was ready but i didn't.


I asked if i was annoying her but she ignored me but i had to force it out of her, she sent me a long message telling me her feelings etc. I was unaware she felt like that and wish she told me sooner.

She is ignoring me and i just don't want her to be angry with me, i just want things to be fine between us. I got annoyed she took somebody else out for coffee instead of me, and when i asked her she changed the subject or ignored my message, that hurt my feelings.

But what really hurt me the most was when she said i couldn't call her Aunty anymore. I just want her to see my point of view and where i was coming from, i have apologized to her but nothing, i just want her back, i don't want to lose my friendship with my friend/Aunty. I just want us to work it out, at least see her before the Xmas break to tell her again I am sorry and I still want to be friends with her.

I don't want her to hate me. I really miss her. I have been so down ever since this whole thing happened nearly 2 weeks ago. I am moody, crying all the time, and just sad. I want to be happy and want this fixed so i can carry on living happy again

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