Prayer for Forgiveness and Ammendments

by Tony
(Macon, GA.)

Lord I need you. I have come upon desperate times, I have lost my job and will soon be evicted from my home. I have made many mistakes in the past and I am truly sorry for the sins of my life. I have asked you for forgiveness and an opportunity to make amends. Now I am at a place where all seems to be lost and I can't find my way.


Please heavenly Father, hear my cry for your help. Jesus, I can't make it without you. I have been estranged from my family now for many years and I have been hiding inside of my grief. Each day I awaken to a deeper despair. I know that I have not kept myself as a man should. I feel as though I have been cast away from your presence and left to the whims of this world. All who come in contact with me suffer.

Please Father, create in me a clean heart and right spirit that I might meet the fullness of your expectations as a man. Set me free from all that is not of you and let me rise to the heights of obedience. Don't leave me Lord, as I can't make it without you. Deliver me from this sorrow and pain. I yearn for you with all that I am. Do not forsake me Master. Amen

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