Prayer for Forgiveness for Blasphemous Acts

by Chantal

Please God I seek forgiveness from blasphemy against you Lord. I realise that even though u know all about me I needed to confront my sin to you in order to receive forgiveness. I need your love to receive peace I am not worthy of it but I am a sinner but I know now my life is yours. I do not own my life you do.


I give you myself & all my sins and all because I want to be healed from the worst sin. I want peace and freedom from sin and anxiety and all that comes with it.

I want my heart to be joined to your heart. Give me that confidence in you Lord that I am no longer bound by sin. You have set me free. I am your sheep now. I do not own my heart you do. I do not own my body you do, I do not own my soul you do.

I love you Lord I love you Lord. Thank you Lord for giving me my life back for helping me see the light and to feel you making a breakthrough in my troubled heart. You have made me whole again. I shall not fear any longer you have destroyed the fear but not let it destroy me.

I give you my all. I owned up to my sin confronted it and I ask boldly for your loving heart of goodness to come to me from the cross and heal me totally and forgive me. May I feel and know a difference in me. May others see you in me. May I shine Gods love through my eyes. May what blessings I have received be shared out to others I meet. Only you can heal my troubles Lord. May I know you care.

May I feel your spirit in me. My sins have been washed away the missing piece of the puzzle had been put back to complete me. I believe in you. I have faith. I am stronger now because u have stamped out my demons and saved me from death. I no longer have fear but Gods freedom.

His love and forgiveness had empowered me over my destruction. God is good He loves me. I felt I was no better than a stone on the dusty wayside. But I am repentant of my sins and God had made me feel of His worth. I feel protected & loved. His sacred heart is full of compassion and love.

By His death & resurrection He had set me free. The power of the Holy Spirit is upon me a sinner a blasphemer a rotten corpse. Lowly and worthless I felt there was no hope for me. But through prayer through His sacred heart there came forgiveness. Thank you praise The Lord . Amen

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Feb 19, 2017
by: Anonymous

I pray that God forgives me for my sins and opens my heart to receive Him fully.

Nov 13, 2016
Please pray for me
by: Rodney

I sung a blasphemous song on accident and feel bad. Please pray for me that I will be healed and set free under God's divine mercy. Amen

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