Prayer for Forgiveness of My Sins Against You Lord

by JJ
(Chicago IL USA)

Dear Lord,


You have blessed me beyond measures and I thank you. I know you are a merciful God and your grace is sufficient. I pray for your forgiveness of my sins against you, my Lord and Savior. I have ashamedly squandered my money in places that I had no business frequenting, fornicating and I lie.

Father, forgive me for what I have been doing with my paychecks that you have blessed me with. Father, forgive me of my sins and my foolishness. I didn't mean to take advantage of my blessing. I repent. I have so many troubles and burdens; I ran to a gambling casino. Yes, out of boredom and running from other problems. I have developed an addiction. I spend every last dime until broke.

Father, I pray that you remove the addiction from me. I pray that you remove all sinful spirits from me, pls cast them out of me. I pray that I am strong enough and mindful enough to have myslf banned from that casino. I pray I win with the little I have left and when I get up. Its Christmas Father, please step into my life and clean me up.

I pray that I make you my refugee and whatever problems I go through. I drop to my knees and pray to you. That I seek no other form of comfort.

Please help me Lord. I have made my life into a mess and I feel so empty and lost from it as well as other things. I cant carry all these burdens Lord. Its to much, its too much. All I have strength to do is call your name. Please help me. I am so scared. Come into my life and take my hand and lead me Father to your Will not my own. I can't do it without you. I need you so desperately. Please, please help me Lord. In the name of Jesus.

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