Prayer for Freedom from Debt

Father,I thank You for Your love for me,for all the numerous blessings You have bestowed upon me. Father,I have made a huge mistake mistake which has led me into dire straits. I made the mistake of borrowing which You do not like Your children to do. I was careless,never thought through or made plans before going into debt. Now I am at my wits end because I do not know what to do anymore. I realise only an intervention from You Father can save me now,so I come before You today,fully repentant and with a broken and contrite spirit to ask that You forgive me and deliver me from my own destruction. My creditors are on my neck and I have no means of paying my debt. I am facing an impending divorce and I have three kids to care for. My Merciful Father,help me out of this mess I have brought upon myself please. Answer me speedily O Lord,save my soul from destruction. I have no one else to turn to as my friends have deserted me,even my husband O Lord. Father,please give me a pinch out of all the silver and gold in the world that belong to You. Help me O Lord,in Jesus Name I pray,Amen. Thank You Father for I believe in my heart that You have heard me. Blessed be Your Name forever more,in Jesus Name,Amen.

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