Prayer for Genuine Guidance and Blessings

by John

Dear Lord,


You are the only one who can help me.
I have taken on too many burdens.
I know I have made mistakes,
and that I am not perfect,
and that my pride is my undoing.

I ask simply for an easing of my burdens,
that I may be closer to my family
and to serve the world the way you wish
to do that which you created me for
Free of the stress which distracts me.

I know you have the power to help,
I am willing to accept you again,
You are the one who can help me.
Please, grant me relief and guidance
So that I may do your work.

I ask forgiveness of the sin of pride.
I ask forgiveness of the sin of lust.
I ask forgiveness of all other sins.
And pray to you for that which one you,
in your power and glory, can grant.


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