Prayer for Getting the Right Job Soon

by Adele

Dear St. John Paul II,


Please pray for me to the Lord. I really crave for a new job, which will see me prospered in all aspects of my life, according to God’s great plans. I want to thank you for courage, wisdom, and faith you’ve given to me so that I could make the steps in my job search.

Thankfully, I now feel so enlightened, as opposed to afraid, like never before. But here’s the small thing that bugs me...

I’ve been waking up with such a huge, burning desire to finally get this dream job, where I can learn more about this specific research and help people through my research work. I try to focus on learning about my field and helping others in the whole community, with a humble goal of becoming a godly person in my sphere of influence. Every day that I’m not spending in this job is not an easy one.

Please dear St. John Paul II, pray for me to the Lord that he will place me in the job he wants as soon as possible. I really crave for closure in this job situation. These research jobs are my passion and I also want to do God’s work and share God’s wisdom. Please St. John Paul II, pray for me.

Pray that I act with respect, humility, and godly wisdom. Please help me stay away from sinning as I’m afraid if I commit a sin, God will take away this dream job from me. I humbly pray to you for these favors so that I will continue with God’s and your praise and thanksgiving for your help.

In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit, Amen!

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