Prayer for good health and cure for my myoma, goiter, diabetes and high blood, strength for my family and good health for my husband and two kids..


Lord, I know I am a sinner. Forgive me of all my sins. I am asking for your miraculous intervention in my life. I am offering to you all the pains and illnesses I have. Cure me oh God for my children still needs me... I always believe in your mighty power of healing and your love is my strength.. I feel so secure with your holy spirit.... I am so blessed for I know you are always with me.... Heal my body, mind and soul oh Lord., take away the pain and give me back the strength... I am your servant Lord here on Earth and I still have so many dreams for my children and family.... Lastly I am lifting everything in your mighty hand... Thank you for not giving up on me... I live because of you... The glory will always be yours in Jesus name... Amen

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