Prayer for Graduating with my Class of 2013 from Highschool.

Prayer For Graduating Highschool, senior year. Father God, I come to you right now to ask you to lead and guide me in the right direction on my last days of High school.


I passed all my classes and always have been a good student in all my years in school, but one little test that I failed determines my future, that I failed for that last time that could be taken before graduation.

I haven't been able to sleep and eat right in days and can't stop thinking about not being able to graduate with my Class of 2013. I have never been so stressed out in my life like the way I am right about now. I put in a waiver for the Graduation test that the super attendant has to approve from my recommendation letters, hardship letter, and pass scores.

I pray to God that you just come through and take over. I pray I just have a whole new switch around That I didn't expect at all. I don't deserve this at all and I feel like 4 Years of my Highschool career was wasted and stopped by one test. I passed all my classes, finals, everything that was required to graduate but this one test.

I Pray you just be with me next week to make a miracle come through out of no where. In Jesus name, Amen.

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