Prayer for Granting the favor of our marriage to work.

by Lee
(Sint Maarten)

Jehovah God through your son Jesus.


I come to you today to ask you to reconcile my marriage.

Father i ask you to guide my husband back to me and our children.To treat us with respect and love with your help.

I ask thee to remove all temptation and all Jezebel from his/our lives.

Father i ask that you break whatever it is that is leading him astray to worship and honor you.

I ask that you fill his heart with love for his wife and children once more.Provide us with a new beginning as a family with a new home for us to live in. A better lasting relationship father. Break every change that is hampering this.I ask you father for us to be one in a loving marriage again in the site of your eyes and protected by your blood.

I ask thee. i pray to thee.

to guide me and give me more patience while you work on this.

In Jesus name i pray. I have faith this will be done.


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