Prayer for guidance, Wisdom and knowledge

I am asking for your prayers for Gods guidance for my weekly confirence call, i am not confident for i am new for this job, but i trust Gods guidance. I am praying that God will give me knowledge and wisdom to handle the call, i am praying that i won't be embarassed with people who will be joining the call, hope i can answer all the questions and deliver my part clearly and intelligently.

I pray that God will touch the heart of my companion to help me also. I trust in Gods guidance, I am not that confident but i have God. Please brothers and Sisters include me in your prayers.

This Job was an anwsered prayer from God. This was only a dream job before which God given me. For now, i am praying for His guidance to handle the projects and issue including the call with touch of intillegent and peaceful heart and mind.

I beleive in Gods power. i know everything will be in order.

Gods be the Glory!

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