Prayer for healing and various sickness

by Kimberly
(chandler , AZ)

in March I became very ill I feel like I'm choking have difficulty swallowing and am in intense pain in my head neck chest, I had Ct scans X rays lumbar puncture and blood work have been to ENT DOCTOR A GI doctor and a neurologist, Sunday I was admitted to hospital had chest X-ray and MRI of my brain and a barium swallow no one can diagnose me I live in pain every day that I will choke I can feel something wrong with me nothing has helped I feel worse everyday


I have many people praying also had infected tooth extracted I have lost 13 pounds and don't sleep more than a few hours at night , I don't know where else to turn I talk to God daily and have he my pastor pray with me I pray Isaiah 53:5 by his stripes we are healed please pray for me THANK YOU

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