Prayer for healing love

by Taylor

I've loved and lost pretty profoundly for still being 20-something. I miss two ex-boyfriends of mine who each died young & tragically & are now my guardian angels. I have since dated a string of wrong guys and moved around and its led me to start my life over. I have been following the path of my higher self, but I have been so lonely. When I met you I finally felt joy again. I've carried this burden of emotional baggage, maybe you sensed it and thats why you've backed off after a couple dates. Even in doing so, you've been a gentleman and kind to me these couple weeks. Its weird, just knowing you exist and people like you exist has given me a renewed sense of comfort in the world. My prayer is that I might make you feel as happy as you make me feel when you give me your time. I asked to be put on the right path and you came into my life, I pray you'll stay a while. I pray this is not unrequited love, that my prayers are not in vain and you'll call again. If God has a plan for us, I'll be waiting... Blessings to others who dream of true love.

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