Prayer for healing of severe and painful chronic illness

by Rose
(Auckland, New Zealand)

I have had a severe and painful chronic illness for eighteen years. I have gone through periods of partial recovery and then I get relapses.


Each time I get a relapse I get very depressed, as I can be sometimes in that state for months or even years. I'm in a relapse at the moment.

I'm getting only about two hours sleep a night at the moment and the pain and sickness and multiple symptoms have almost made me go insane. I can't bear it any longer.

Every minute of every day is like torture to me. Sometimes I scream out in the middle of the night in pain, pleading with God to heal me. I long for sleep so much so that I can't feel the torment.

Please pray that God will alleviate my pain, that I will sleep and that ultimately He will heal me.

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