Prayer for healing - take away the pain!

by maureen

Lord, please grant me this small miracle of healing. Heal me of my pain - my teeth and gums are so sore and bleed. Cannot eat. My migraine headaches are so painful I cannot do much. IBS is out of control I stay in the house. My husband needs me to take care of him, but living in pain is not helping - I pray that you bless me with this miracle of ridding me of my pain - that the pain in my gums and teeth disapear and that I am no longer suffering with headaches or IBS pain. I do what I can for others but lately I am so sick and cannot do much. Cannot take anymore pain - it is making me so tired and depressed. Help me. Please Lord, take away the pain once and for all so I can know what it is like to live normal for a few more years. Bless you all.

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