Prayer for Healing the Killer Disease - HIV

by Robert

Dear God Almighty,

I Thank the Lord for healing my ulcers and the inner chest pains very well and all the good work he has done for me.
To start with, Last year i was tested with HIV Positive and i managed to meet the man of GOD who is my Pastor and he concentrated me in the Hands of the Lord Jesus. He prayed for me and told me to forgive for whoever had wronged me before that its when i will also be forgiven of my unrighteousness and get healed. I have so far tested again for Two Times and still got positive last year but now planning to go for the Third time this year. I know the lord Jesus forgives and heals and am also ready to receive my healing the same way i have seen others healed of the same disease.
Secondly i have some demonic evil situations which attack me and i feel some thing is working in me where by i feel badly, some times sudden wake-ups at night like nightmares, Pains in the Eyes during day, Itching of the body after showers and feeling crazy/state of confusion. some times feeling like some thing taking away my belief and some times feeling very bad and pains when trying to read my Bible. This started some years back which would go away after prayers and some times when im progressing. So i ask the Lord to quicken my healing so that i can show my Testimonies like how others have done.
Lastly i would like to get some some bible prayers which can help me restore back my strong Belief and Healing so that i get out of this demonic situation and save my family too.
I will be very grateful and always promise to stay by the Lord Jesus because he is the Healer.
Thank you JESUS.

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Feb 26, 2015
Your not alone NEW
by: Jessica D

I dont believe I clicked on your prayer request by accident. First off, I"m sorry to hear that you are dealing with HIV but I'm happy to hear that you are standing on the word and believing in Gods healing. I struggled with demonic forces as well. I was diagnosed with many different things.. one of them being social anxiety disorder. Basically I was scared of everyone and wanted to live like a hermit. I couldnt do anything outside the home that involved anyone. I had extreme fear, anxiety and depression. The Holy Spirit inside of me told me not to accept this situation.. that this wasnt me. I found a local church that was very in love with Jesus and seeing people delivered from demonic forces. I'm an extremely happy to say that I dont have any of the diagnosis anymore. I'm completely set free. I got delivered from rage, fear, anxiety, depression, worry, stress. God is good. And I wanted to encourage you that you have the authority in you to tell satan to leave you alone. You dont need to wait for your healing of HIV.... start now. Theres no better time then now. I also wanted to let you know that the pastor who delivered me through Christ does do deliverance over skype ( free of charge of course). Hes a compassionate man for people being set free. Demons have to listen over skype too... the name of Jesus has authority! you can email me at if you need more encouragement or Pastor Jozef info. Bless you!

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