Prayer for healing with learning disabilities and difficulties.

by Alvin Salazar
(Miami, Fl.)

Dear Lord Jesus Christ, I have lack of Reading Comprehension, Knowledge, Vocabulary & Understanding. My difficulties in understanding reading books, Is giving me a hard time. My brain and my mind, is out of focus & concentration. Even my language skills,


If I want to be a native speaker in writing to improve myself and show it to other people, That I'm improving little by little. And also to my family. I want to show it to them, If this prayer request will be answered, Since this is just a big difficulties for me, that I hardly dealing with, Especially I'm disabled.

It's hard for me to do all the things, That I have to use my brain, especially when it comes to studies I can't work on them. to be honest, I can't follow the footsteps of my siblings and my cousins. Because they're already ahead of me. Which it should be I am, Mainly because I'm the elder, but my mind is out of maturity and disciplined. That's why I'm being left behind, And it also turns out, I become more lazy and lack of energy & motivation. I can't work on the things which is more important.

Especially, the household chores I must do it because it's my responsibilities to do all the chores promptly without telling me I have to clean it. In every single day, I have to be a matured person but I can't, If I can since it's already late. & no one will no longer believe me I'm going to do it on my own. My three online classes, (Screenwriting, Biology & Algebra).

I can't finish them, Simply because it's too hard for me to accomplished what I have to do it. I can't understand the lessons given to you, I can't have what they're having right now. Material things, those places they've already been to, the things they have. etc, I can't move forward. I can't step ahead, I don't know my directions in my life, If where my feet could take me Through the rest of my life. While I'm writing this, It took me so long before I wrote it down here, Why? Because I have to think first what would I write, before I type it here. That's how my mind goes blank, And I don't know what I'm supposed to type it here, and what should I write.

And I don't know some ideas I'm gonna write it here. I struggle hard with my studies, Being such a slow-headed person, One of the causes why I keep on failing with academics. Low perfomance in school, I can't keep myself on top. Whatever I do, Since I'm in grade school, high-school and up to now. I stop schooling because high-school and college are really hard to achieve it. When you want your grades become higher, And you also want to step to another year.

But yet I can't cope up with my studies, When it seems I know to myself that I'm having a hard time in those subjects I can't work on it. Kindly please help me, and pray for me. If you can do a miracle healing for me. I can't pray to St. Jude or even to god. I can't concentrate my mind to him. Even to St. Jude. Let us see, if you can help me to pray for me, Immediately.

I want my prayer requests to be granted, and came true. I wanna feel it, and claim it. That all my prayers, requests, and wishes are answered. I have no more ideas or anything else to write it here, Since I run out of words to type it here, I'm going to end it like this.

But please accept and don't delete my prayer request. I will try my best to pray to St. Jude that I wish all my prayer requests will be answered. Once my brain will function and work to focus and concentrate my mind, I will hardly pray to him.

I promise, Connect and meditate myself to him. I will write my own details to him, Personally.

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