Prayer for health healing

by Mike

Dear Brethen

I greet you in Jesus's name. I need your pryares. I believe in God and Jesus Christ but the devil has tormented and tortured me.

I have failed to get a job in my life, starting a family by getting a good partner, i got a stroke etc etc. However God knows my cries and Jesus saved me from death. I have recoved from stroke but am sure i have generational curses, demonic traits, witchcraft and many others that were sent to destroy me. I cannot be sure what exactly transpired but i have been denied sucess and happiness in Life. Right now i feel the presence of Jesus in whatever i do bse he has protected me and i owe God so many things because he has big plans for me.

Pray for me and my family to get closer to God. I want to get an International job placement. do my Post Graduate studies and have a positive relationship and start a God fearing family. I want to show people the power of God and the love Jesus has for us. Many will realise my closeness to God is great. I ask you pray for me have a good health,job, prosperity and sucess. God bless you richly.

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